Be sure to look in the comments of the post. This is the comment that The Compass left which I thought should be on the main page.

Okay, okay, I'm commenting other than behind the scenes.

So, I think both the M-word and Littleone were life experiences. You can't think that you didn't get anything out of either relationship. Granted you didn't end up with a life partner and did get a broken heart (but not a permanent broken heart!)but think of the maturity you gained, the wisdom and the focus to know what to look for and do the next time.

You have to allow for the fact that at your age and their's at the time, you can't bank on something that is going to last. Believe me I know. A relationship will NOT hold together on its own. And personally, from a young age I think I always believed that. There is not a perfect love out there that is strong enough to hold two people together without any additional/continuous effort on their parts. Only with years do you not only find wisdom but you figure out what is going to make you happy and what you are willing to do for someone else to make them happy.

Like we have discussed, this blog has become somewhat of a way to work through these things. It rids you of the baggage and cleans you up for the next big thing.

And we ALL know going back to either situation would never work anyway. You know that and I know that. And for those that think you shouldn't have posted some of the things you have, I say they don't see your sensitivity (which, yes, is manly too) and the fact that you can come to terms with these things and won't let them adversly effect you in the future.

Can I just say, "Dr Phil, eat your heart out!"

The Compass