When Is It A Date???

When is it a date?? How do you know when you go out with someone whether it is a date or just friends? As some of you know, The M-Word is back. Last week she had a birthday, so told her I would take her out Friday for her birthday. She said yes so we went to dinner and to to see Mamma Mia The Movie. Let me say right here, DO NOT GO SEE THE MOVIE! Its bad. Real bad. I like ABBA and I have seen the LIVE show. The movie was a big let down. Go see the LIVE show if you can. It is great. So back to this "date". This was a very good little outing for me. The Compass will be proud. I learned a lot.
#1 The M-Word as been dating someone for 2 years. She said they split up a month or so ago. I did not ask any questions, thinking that if she wanted or needed to talk about it she would. She seemed fine all last week. Well, I tell her I will pick her up at 8 and she says no, no I will meet you somewhere. She said she would tell me why later. So we "meet" at 8 and she says her ex is moving out today and she does not want to make it harder on him or for him by making him think she is already going on a date. OK first - its taking a MONTH to move out?? Second - Why is she going out on a date so soon?
#2 At dinner we are talking about how beauty is only skin deep. She says - I know that is true. I (her) went on a date the other day with a hot guy, but that's all he was. OK wait stop everything. The other day?? So this is not the first date she's been on? This reminded me of my breakups. She did that to me. When we broke-up, LIKE the next day she's on a date. I always took that very personal. Now I know it's not me, its just what she does. I don't know this for sure, but I don't think she's been single for more that 10 days in the past 4 or 5 years. Well, that does not work for me; but if it works for her, good. Finding all this out HIGHLY discounted the "date" for me.
#3 I would like to say here that she was one of the first people I called when the whole Littleone thing happen. (She was in Floria visiting a guy) She was very sweet to me and when she got back she was a great friend. She called, drove to my house to check on me. She did a lot, as a good old friend would. So I am happy to support her in her time of sorrow, as long it is setup that way. I have been thinking she is over, or is getting over, her ex. Well, if he is just moving out and she has already been out on a date, she has a lot of healing to do still.
#4 Last night was very good for me. It reminded me of why we are no longer dating. Not saying how she should or should not act, but for me, I don't think I want to date someone that can shut down so fast. Also, I don't think it was fair to let me think that it was a "date" when in her mind it was definitely not. So with all that said, she is a good person. She just does not do what I would do, but that does not make her wrong. She is very caring and sweet to be helping me in the office. She is going to start interviewing people next week to replace herself. I think the faster that happens, the better. Working with a girlfriend is hard, but working with a ex girlfriend is a lot harder. Maybe if we were both in relationships it would be better?

Anyway someday I will write the story about when this sort of thing has happened before.

As a last note, I was suppose to see The M-Word tonight again. (All this was set up last week) So I was going to honor my commitment. As I was writing this post she sent a text to cancel. How did I know that was going to happen?? I bet all of you are as surprised as I am.