As many of you know, I am very close to Joyce and her family. I often call Joyce my mother and them my sisters. Many of you know and have heard me talk about Wade (Joyce's son) and his ex-wife Neele. Neele was a very good friend to me. She was family. Everytime I was in California I made it a point to have lunch or dinner with her. In fact, I have stayed at her home many times. We had alot in common. She had a very difficult time getting over relationships. I remember talking with her many times about that. In fact, last Christmas I was out there and she told me she had finally found peace. I am also very close to her kids, which many of you have met, her daughter Arianne and her son Colin.
Well, here is the e-mail from today after I got a call from her sister.

"Neele gracefully fought a battle for so long that many of you came and went, talking and laughing, and doing business as usual with her, without even a glimpse of the trial she was enduring. Neele was dedicated, joyful, giving, loyal, and loving to all of us.

Without getting into details, Neele went into surgery this last Saturday and complications led to her passing this Tuesday.

Her family, mom, siblings, son and daughter would love and could use all positive expressions of support. There will be a service for all who want to be involved this Sunday afternoon around 2pm in Studio City. If you want information, please e mail me back and I will send specifics when Arianne and Colin determine them."

I am in Littlerock right now and will be flying out to LA Sunday to be with them. This has hit me pretty hard. Thanks for your good thoughts.