Brooks & Dunn

A lot of you know I am a BIG Brooks & Dunn fan. Many of you have been to a B&D concert with me. After all, I have been to over 20 of them. They put on one of the best shows you will ever see. They have a new show on GAC

Brooks & Dunn: Cowboy Town

Superstar country music duo Brooks & Dunn give their fans first-hand access to their latest tour and prove that "Cowboy Town" is a state of mind in their exclusive GAC special, "Books & Dunn: Cowboy Town."

So am trying to remember who all I have gone to a B&D concert with?? PLEASE leave a comment if you are not on this list OR leave a comment about what you liked best about their show. Thanks .

Reagan 2 times
The M-Word 2 times
Matt 1 time
Chouch 1 time
Joyce 2 times
Dina,Wade Veta,and other 1 time
Chirsty 1 time
No Name from AR 3 times
Josh 1 time
John 1 time