This is a comment I got and thought I should share.Wilde

I am serious when I say that you are special. Honestly, if I had to make a list of the people who have most influenced my life, I do think that you would be on it. Even if we haven’t seen each other in a long time and we don’t talk as often as we use to, you still are important to me. I think that God brought you in to my life at the right time because I needed someone to help me get through some rough times just as you were entering my life. You’ve taught me so much, most of all that the people you surround yourself with will either make or break you. Don’t get me wrong…there were a couple of times I actually thought you might break me, but then there are times that I thought I might break you too. You have stood by me through my difficult times….break ups, moves, etc., and I hope that you can say that I’ve been there through yours. Because of you, I’ve done things that I probably never would have done, and I’m so glad that you got me to do those things because they are some of my best memories. Remember when I went to the Wall football game with you and your high school friend to bug Reagan that you were there with another girl? That was the first time we did anything together, and that was the first time I heard of “blue-dogging”. And what about the time you guys took me to that strip club in Austin but didn’t tell me that’s where we were going? Thanks a lot! This will sound stupid, but one of my favorite memories of you was the night we went to the concert in Fort Worth, and I fell down the steps. I remember them walking me to the little room and you standing right there next to me holding my hand to help me and being so thankful that it was you there because I knew you would make sure I was taken care of . I was sad that you didn’t come to my wedding because I felt like the important people in my life should be there. I kept the promise that I made to you, though, and married him only if I was sure and not just because I wanted to get married. Plus, you asked me to wait to have kids until I had been married at least a year. We celebrated our second anniversary about a week after the baby was born. He was due on your birthday, by the way! The point of all of this is that you are important to me and my life. We may not hear from each other as often now, but that doesn’t take away from our friendship. True friends don’t have to talk or see each other every day because they are always in each other’s heart.