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Blogger The Compass said...

Okay, so you must be able to at least admit to getting some good memories out of it.

Can you say it was worth knowing her and sharing the time with her while you had it or would you rather wipe it from your memory?

I have two takes on this - 1. If you can say you're thankful or glad of the time you did share then you are well on your way to being over it.
2. If you say you would rather wipe it completely from memory I think you're still harboring some emotional baggage from it all and haven't quite closed the door on it.

As for motivation of her helping you at the office, I agree it was probably a distraction from her current break-up.

And you ask what it was, It was a first love. Young and clumsy though it was.

Come on, you saying she doesn't think you are worth walking across the street for is a stretch. Good or bad motivations, if she thought that little of you she wouldn't have stuck around and volunteered the office help at all.

1. She was paid for her volunteering.
2. NO GOOD memories out of it.
3. If I could, I would wipe it from my memory.