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I have a few things to say about the post from Tuesday, August 12, 2008 by the Compass
The Compass

The Compass said... Can we start out with the proverbial "Actions speak louder than words."
This chick talks out of both sides of her mouth. And the only thing you can take to the bank is what she has done in the past and what she has done and is doing in the present. Wilde says... you are right.

The Compass said...Her letters about the passion and love you both shared at that time, I'm sure she believed but it was probably a large amount of fluff too. Lots of things can be written down but if the proof is not in the pudding, its just another great romantic letter. Wilde says... you are right.

The Compass said...I don't believe the statement that it was all fake. What went on was real but didn't have the depth some of the words portrayed. If it had and if she had meant every single word she wrote, standing up to her parents would have been a minor hurtle in being with you totally. Wilde says... you are right.

The Compass said...And words don't carry meaning unless there are actions to support them. When you are willing to make SIGNIFICANT life sacrifices for the love of another, then you can honestly say I love you to the ends of the earth and you're my one true love. Wilde says... you are right. I really think what The Compass says in these 2 sentences is very, very true.

The Compass said...Its great that she was willing to help you when you needed it. But the motivation was strictly friendly. Can we say the chapter is closing on this one? . Wilde says...??? I don't think her motivation was strictly friendly. I am not sure what her motivation was other than, yes, helping a friend AND distracting herself from her own breakup. She as always done that.

The Compass said...Can we say the chapter is closing on this one? Past time to love it for what it was and move on. Wilde says...past time to love it for what it was??? Do tell me oh Compass, what was it?? It was fake!! I don't agree that I even got anything out of it. What did I learn oh great Compass? I learned that she does not do what she says. She does not feel the way she says she felt. And in her view, I am not worth walking across the street for .