Dallas Part 2

After the picture taking, we are standing outside and I spot a Gibson Guitar bus. Gibson Guitar was apparently one of the sponsors of the events and due to my experience on the concert trail with Restless Heart I knew the bus was the behind the scenes happenings. I tell Little Buddy to wait for me here and I'm going to go get on that bus. I was appropriately dressed in a sport coat to easily blend into the scene. I walked right up to the bus and the one security guy standing at the door. I put on my roadie hat, and say, while I'm looking at watch, "Its been a long day." And he says, "Yeah, and its just getting started." After making fast friends with the guy, I stroll right by him and in the door to the bus. Yes, my powers of persuasion have won again!

On the bus, all the roadies are in there eating and I head direct to the back of the bus where sits a lady and her daughter. I ask them what they are doing, and they tell me they are the winners of the contest to take a helicopter ride with JR. Oh yeah, that contest! I can tell early that the mother is fun so I tell her that I'm nobody special and I just worked my way on the bus and don't really belong. But she could easily pretend I was her son/or friend and I was there along for the ride. She agrees but remembers they have their names on a list and mine won't be included. I say that's okay not to worry, I was just taking this as far as I could but would disappear when needed. Shortly we are visited by Sue Ellen and a young guy. The young guy turns out to be THE guy/organizer/host, Jason.

You can tell he is completely unorganized and is trying to run the entire show himself. His cell phone is ringing constantly with people checking in with him on every decision. He sees me sitting there and asks who I am and before I can answer he says, "You're Larry's friend, right?" Well of course I'm Larry's friend, just whether or not I'm Larry's friend he is referring to is the question. He pulls me over to the side and says, "Sorry but we have film crew on the helicopter and will not have an extra seat for you to ride in." Thats okay with me of course as I hadn't planned on taking a helicopter ride. By the way it was Ross Perot's helicopter they were using.

From here, I take on a new role as assitant to Jason. I am the "can do" man for him which opens lots of doors for me for the rest of the event. Jason's first dilemma is cast member Cliff is needed on the bus. I see him across the way surrounded by a crowd of fans. I step up and say I can get Cliff on the bus. So I do. I walk up to him in an authoratative voice excusing my way through the crowd, "Cliff you are needed on the bus." and he follows.

We have all now congregated on the bus and the next thing I know we're moving. My cell phone rings and its Little Buddy. "Are you on that bus? Because its moving." I know, I say without a clue as to where we might be headed or how I'm going to get off if need be. We end up at the Parker City Hall not far from the event. This was the secret meeting place for all cast members. Here they gathered to proceed to South Fork and do their red carpet entrance. It is planned that all the rest of the cast members will proceed to the event in a limo and JR (larry) will be flying by helicopter with a turn around the ranch. By the way, we meet the real friend of Larry's at the City Hall but Jason doesn't seem to be too worried about the fact that I wasn't the real friend to begin with because now I've become his "can do" friend. Part 3 Very Soon....