Dallas Part1

So the much anticipated Dallas reunion has come and went in its natural whirlwind drama. I have had tickets to attend for sometime and stewed over whom to take with me for much of that time. After some deliberation, I decided to ask Little Buddy to go with me which ended up being the very best idea. I had at one time considered taking Goldie Locks, but after knowing what happens at the reunion, having her along would have been a big mistake and resulted in a lot different outcome of my experience.

Lets all start a few days before the event. I spent much time on the phone trying to upgrade my tickets from regular attender to VIP status. I was given several different answers on how to get this done but in the end was told to show up early the day of the event and I could upgrade at the door. FYI, VIP tickets were going for $1,000. But I'm a huge fan! Being very committed to the event Little Buddy and I show up four hours early the day of the event at South Fork Ranch only to be told that all VIP status tickets had been spoken for/sold out. So as we are standing around in the registration building I start working on a plan. Being this is not my first rodeo at an event like this, I wander over to the Media Tables and strike up a conversation with a good looking girl, we'll call her Lois Lane. In the conversation I tell her my whole sob story about being to told to show up early in order to upgrade my tickets and then doing so to only be told I couldn't upgrade. She totally agreed that I had gotten the rotten end of the stick.

Together we figure out the only thing that makes you VIP status is a purple event bracelet. With my cunning and fabulous personality, I convince Lois, to snag me and Little Buddy a purple bracelet from the near VIP table. After disappearing for strategic reasons, Little Buddy and I return to Lois's table and she slips the VIP bracelets to me. This was only step one to a rather unexpected outcome to the whole evening.

Now to test our success. With confidence, like we were supposed to be their, we go and get in the line, VIP line, to have our picture taken with the cast. So up we step, have our picture taken, and I make sure that I have shaken JR's hand before we are rushed on. At this point, Dallas 30 Year reunion is already a success because I have shaken the hand of my idol.

Oh, also as our new found VIP status we were given nice leather bags full of give aways which is sure to leave my hair and skin looking its best. The bag was filled with aloe vera beauty products and not one piece of Dallas memorabilia. Where were the DVDs for a $1,000 VIP ticket? I digress...