Dr. Phil

Three years ago when Littleone and I separated a very dear friend sent me an article that was a question for Dr. Phil that he answered. Here is the question and the answer.

Question: For six months, I've been dating a great guy I've known half my life. A few weeks ago, his best friend asked us over to meet his new girlfriend. Long story short, my man leaves with her and later denies that anything happened, even though they spent the night together. Then I find out he has been meeting other women for the duration of our relationship. The amount and extent of the lying is overwhelming. Is it pathological? Sociopathic? Is it an illness I should be sympathetic to, and is it curable? Or should I just get rid of him?

Answer: This is an easy one: Get rid of him! Don't waste your time with Psych 101 labels, because it doesn't matter what you call his condition, he doesn't have a place in your life. The best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior. He has cheated, lied, and betrayed you, and that all adds up to a pattern of deceit. You can count on more of the same if you stay in this. I don't care how charming he is or how well he treats you when you're together. He has shown a lack of impulse control and blatant disregard for you feelings. Those characteristics are drop-dead deal breakers. It's time to cut your losses and kick him to the curb.

Johnny's response: This is exactly what happened to me, except change the genders.