Basic formula for success in a relationship

I heard some good things from Dr. Phil today.

1. Sometimes you make the right decision, but sometimes you have to make the decision right!

2. Basic formula for success in a relationship: The quality of a relationship is the function of: one, how well it meets the needs of the two people involved and two, its based on a really solid underlying friendship.

Well I really couldn't agree with those two things more. When he says the function of how well it meets the needs of the two people involved, really makes sense to me. My question would be how does one decide what one's needs are?

Two, he says it should be based on an underlying friendship. I totally agree with this. What could be better than dating your best friend?

These are really good questions for today to see how well you know your significant other.
1. What is your significant other's shoe size?
2. What city was your significant other born in?
3. Has your significant other had a nickname or do they have a nickname?
4. What single word would describe your significant other best?

So those are all really great questions but where do you find this elusive relationship so I could get the answers to those questions? Where do you find this elusive best friend that you can supposedly date? Can you really find someone that can help you meet the needs that you have? Feel free to leave any comments.