The Compass said...

The Compass said...

Dude, so many things in your life come back or are connected to the relationships.

More power to you, that you're out there this time without a tie to jinxs it for years to come.

As for flying the friendly skies, I think its great. Just don't put too much into it too soon. I'm glad you'll have someone to enjoy it with just don't let it define the trip.

By the way, this Leo Laport should be honored to be ranked up there with the likes of Bill Clinton and Shania Twain. Well, maybe not Bill but most definantly Shania. Bet he didn't know his celebrity status was quite so grand.

By the way, it sounds like you're having a blast. And can I say you rank as the number one Apple geek I know.

I'm jealous of the night tour of Alcatraz, sounds interesting just maybe not romantic. Not that thats what you're going for but you know.