Football is over for me this year

Football is over for me this year. This is 13 years I have been
doing it. WOW, long time. So this seeing littleone thing was good for
me. It helped put some ending on things. Three years later!! I miss what
I thought I had with her. She and I worked very well together during
football, so I thought.

This is where the cheating started. Now I am more mad than sad. More mad/disapointed with all that time with her and The M-Word. Yes to The Compass I would wipe it out of my mind if I could. I trust no relationship.

The numbers just came out for 2007 that say 1 in 5 men have cheated and 1 in 15 girls have cheated. That is a lot!! Everyone always says that won't happen to me. Well it is
happening all the time. I have been on the receiving end of a cheater and
that is all it took for me. I am done. In fact I own
Some day I may do more with it.