Goals for the Life Of Wilde (LOW)

So the Compass wants to know if there are any goals for the New Year
for LOW?

Well lets take this one at a time. Goals for LOW???? Low the blog. Yes
to post more often, get more comments, and maybe move from blogger to wordpress.

Goals for the Life Of Wilde (LOW) yes 1. would be to fully move past
the whole littleone thing. 2 use Amber (my trainer) to get in great
shape. 3 enroll in the big brothers program to give back.

Perhaps some relationship goals or turning over new leaves looking for
a mate or perhaps looking in the sky for one? Relationship goal #1 is
to put the littleone thing in the ground. Not sure why it as been so
hard? In fact this new years it as been 3 years. That is long enough. I
am fearful that I am or have been trying to replace her instead of get
over her. Plus I am in love with what I thought we had not what we
really had. So it is hard to find someone that is so perfect in my eyes.

Some things I have been doing to "put it in the ground" is go back and do the things we did together but do them alone or with someone
else. I am very tied to places. I can go back to a place and remember everything about who I was with, how I felt - I remember it all. And I do this even when I am not there. (Good Book - The Woman Who Can't Forget) So I have been going back to some of the big places we went. I am going to San Francisco and tour Alcatraz. I go on Jan 5 and come back on Jan 11. This is a big deal. We went there together and I want to go back to show myself I can have a good time without her. Plus it was one of my favorite places we went and I don't want the last memory to be with her.

Also Macworld is there that week and I have always wanted to go. Also I listen to Twit each week with LeoLaporte. I have always wanted to meet him and he is going to do a MacBreak Weekly Live from the show floor. YES!

So then on Feb 2-4 I go to Las Vegas to see Elton John. This is big because I took Littleone to see Elton John and the Red Piano for her birthday. This was at the end of our relationship. I was trying anything to save it. It was a great show and I want to see it again.

Relationdship goal#2 - new leaves for mates-- This is kind of a hard one. Oh great compass what would you suggest I do here?? It will take a very very special person to be a mate for me. First I must say want I want in a mate. In no order

1. Great, long, wavy, to curly, blonde or brunette hair.
2. Thin. Very Thin. Very Very Thin.
3. Special
4. Has her own thing going but is willing and wants to get involved in my things. Very
involved in my things.
4. She has the time to travel with me anytime.
5. Honest
6. Very Honest
7. Likes the TV Show DALLAS
8.When we walk by people, she causes them to turn their head and ask, "How did he get her?"
9. Thinks that having a JOB is a waste of time.
10. Loves Music
11. Puts me and our relationship above her family
12. Puts our relationship at the top of her list.
13. Wakes up everyday and says what can I do to contribute to this relationship today? And does it.
14. Loves to wear heels.
15. Loves to dress up.
16. High maintenance.
17. Loves and would do anything for me.
18. She gets along with everyone.
19. Does not flirt with anyone but me.
20. Maybe a little geeky.

Yes I know this my not be the best list but it is honest. I may update and refine this list from time to time. I am very picky. If I can't have the best then I don't want anything at all.