Response to the survey says

In response to "The Survey Says..." is that the survey was conducted in part by eharmony.

I have a yearly birthday tradition. Which is to sign up on an online dating service and just see what's out there. I tried to sign up for eharmony and my application was declined. Yes, I got rejected by eharmony themselves and they promptly refunded my money; so, I don't have fond feelings for you, eharmony, to begin with.

But back to the survey. These are couples that got married in 2006 and 2007 let's see how many of those couples are still married in 3-4 years. Not to knock the Compass, because whatever I am doing is obviously not working but I'm not sure that the online dating route is the best way for me to go.

I got a brand-new device today that allows me to just talk to the computer and it does the typing for me so you may be seeing a whole lot more posts on LOW. A big thanks goes out to my editor without her none of this would be possible so thanks again to the editor.

I was in Raleigh, North Carolina a couple of days ago and I saw Celine Dion in concert. It was a great concert, highly produced. Next week I'm off to Las Vegas to see Elton John and the Red Piano. I took little one to see the show for her birthday back when and I'm looking forward to going back and having this experience without her.

So, goal number one for LOW, I am completing some of the trips that I said I would take this year to replace some memories. Number two, I am going to see my trainer, Amber, three times a week without fail. Number three, I have already had my interview with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I'm just waiting on them to place me with a little brother.

So tell me Great Compass, what would you suggest now?