The Screeen Savers

I have met lots of people and gone a lot of places. People I wanted to meet and shake hands with were Bill Clinton - DONE Shania Twain - DONE Larry Hagman - DONE and Leo Laporte AND TODAY - DONE.So who is this Leo Laporte??? He is a a tech guy. Or really THE TECH GUY. I have been watching him since about 1997 on techtv. He had a show called Call for Help and The Screen Savers. Now he has his own network called TWIT TV. I used to watch The Screen Savers EVERYDAY with out fail. I have always wanted to meet him. This was a big big deal to me. Not sure why.?? Maybe I do know why. Every girlfriend I have had had to watch him with me. We (THE -M-Word and Littleone)always watched The Screen Savers. In fact Littleone and I flew out here (San Francisco) to see a taping of The Screeen Savers and it was the one day he was not there. Well all that to say today was the day. I got to shake his hand and take a pic. It is day one of Macworld and so far I would say it is one of my top 3 trips EVER. I have been to Rome, London, all over. I have seen and met all kinds of people and yes this is one of the TOP three Trips. It is great and its just day 1. I am here for 5 more days and The Very Cute Flight Attendant is coming out here tomorrow for the rest of the trip with me. We are doing the all Macworld thing this week then on Saturday we are going to take in the city and then taking a NIGHT tour of Alcatraz. Then in a week we fly to Raleigh, NC for a concert but that is a whole different blog post. I kind of like this The Very Cute Flight Attendant and she really likes me. So we will see how this goes for a while.

Back to Leo. This is what I did. I waited and waited until his show was over today(He was taping a MacBreak Weekly) and at just the right time I went in for the strike and said "There are three people I have always wanted to shake hands with Bill Clinton, Shania Twain, and LEO
Laporte." He put out his hand and it was done. He was very very nice and talked with me for a while. By the time it was over he had invited me up to his offices/studio anytime he said. His office/studios are about an hour from here. I might just do that. Wait, I will do that!! Ok I hate to tpye but this whole Leo thing was a BIG DEAL. ok that is all for now. We will see what The Compass says.