The Very Cute Flight Attendent Flew Away

The Very Cute Flight Attendant Flew Away...
It's okay. She did come out for MacWorld but we quickly figured out we were not a match. I was glad to find it out now rather than later!

The San Francisco trip was one of the best trips ever. Now, this week I am off to Raleigh, NC. While I'm there I am going to see Big, Bad, Celine Dion. I don't drive around listening to her but I have heard she does great shows, and concerts are my thing. I have 4th row seats. It's a quick trip - 3 days. I traveled so much last year I made GOLD with American Airlines which is kind of cool. You get to take your bags for free and upgrade to first class if there is room. Next month I'm off to Las Vegas (I will see Elton John) and San Antonio (I will see Brooks and Dunn).

Big thanks to my new Editor. She keeps this blog looking its best.

Now I will add to the list. If you don't know what list, look back in LOW.
1. Great, long, wavy, to curly, blonde or brunette hair.
2. Thin. Very Thin. Very Very Thin.
3. Special
4. Has her own thing going but is willing and wants to get involved in my things. Very
involved in my things.
4. She has the time to travel with me anytime.
5. Honest
6. Very Honest
7. Likes the TV Show DALLAS
8.When we walk by people, she causes them to turn their head and ask, "How did he get her?"
9. Thinks that having a JOB is a waste of time.
10. Loves Music
11. Puts me and our relationship above her family
12. Puts our relationship at the top of her list.
13. Wakes up everyday and says what can I do to contribute to this relationship today? And does it.
14. Loves to wear heels.
15. Loves to dress up.
16. High maintenance.
17. Loves and would do anything for me.
18. She gets along with everyone.
19. Does not flirt with anyone but me.
20. Maybe a little geeky.
21. Has the three S's 1. Sexy 2. Seductive 3. Sophisticated
22. Wants to build something together
23. Likes to read
24. Loves pets (DOGS)
25. Kind hearted
26. Open minded
Stefanie Delano Thoms

That's all for now.