The Compass reports in

Okay, okay, I know the Compass has been away but I have been wanting to comment. However, the Compass not only has to keep Life of Wilde near the straight and narrow but also my own life needs direction time and again.

Your list of goals is quite impressive and what's more impressive is you already have an update and can cross a few off or at least on the way to that.

The Wikipedia goal made me laugh. You are such an "out of the box" thinker only you would want an entry for J. Wilde in Wikipedia. What exactly would we find under your entry?

Have you noticed the underlying theme to many of your goals? The green back, root of all evil, the grease that turns the wheel, the almighty dollar. At this point in time the almighty dollar moniker doesn't really fit. Anyway, time to get busy. I think you may need to increase your money flow. Certainly, going to have to pace yourself on completing some of the more pricey items.

I think the way to accomplish the Net Jets is to just get your own pilots license then you can just own your own plane and fly it yourself. Of course, this isn't the easy solution to that goal but neither is having the money to pay for Net Jets.

Your maid/housekeeper and assistant goals ought to be combined into one. You just need one great personal assistant that will do the minor housekeeping chores between weekly visits by the regular maid plus all the other full-time assistant responsibilities. If she's good she could do it. Notice it would have to be female.

Would love to see Madonna in concert too, but not necessarily one of her raunchy shows. Just the good ole early "Like a Virgin", etc. stuff!

Your private show goal would make a great 40th birthday celebration since that's the next big one you have coming!!

You are such the techie fan and your goal of a full-time CTO maybe you've missed your calling of career fields. And this is a thought to go along with the "Three Girls" post. Have you ever considered moving out of San Angelo and going West? Girl number one, what a catch! Maybe a move would be the catalyst that set everything in motion to completion of all your goals? Just trying to think "out of the box" like LOW. This can be difficult for the Compass.

The Book, what will the category of your book be, autobiography? random stories? Self help?

The Compass has never been good at setting goals and following through. I've always had the philosophy I'm living today and will take things as they come. A goal seems like one more deadline I've got to meet. Such pressure. So I'll call mine wishes....
1. working more from home - working in a very traditional office has limited the freedom to move to more hours put in from home. Not much I can't do from home that I do in the office. It would involve changing people's thinking which isn't easy.

2. I like the idea of writing a book but I would label mine a children's book. A 500 page novel is much more daunting than 20 pages of a children's book with beautiful illustrations.

3. carpenter internship - I would love to spend time with a carpenter or 'home improvement' person and learn the trade. I can do some on my own but never know if I'm really doing it right and there's lots more I'd like to know.

4. rodeo/horse shows - I was once active in rodeos and horse shows but life has gotten in the way. It would be great to get back to it, but it is an expensive and time consuming hobby. This one I may have to live vicariously through my children. I wonder what Dr. Phil would have to say about that?!

5. Las Vegas NFR box seats - Why? I don't know. I think the atmosphere would be something to experience and yes, I'm just hick enough to want to be in the big middle of it.

6. travel to Europe - Huge fan of "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons." I want to see the historical places he wrote about. Though they are sure not to be as exciting as in the novel still worth seeing.

7. Body shape - whose list is weight and body shape improvements not on? I just want more time in my life to put in an hour of body sculpting and cardio. Years ago, taught step aerobics and I miss it.

This is off the subject because I'm finishes with the wish list. Remember, The Compass is much more the realist so a few items on a wish list is about all I can do.

Dierks Bentley's song "With the Band" makes me think of you every time I hear it. It so sounds like something you would say!

I should have sent this to the editor before trying to post it. But I think I've caught most of the mistakes.

The Compass