Three Girls

Here are three girls that definitely meet the LOW Criteria. All three of these girls are a little geeky, very sexy, very sweet and very thin.

Number One: Sarah Lane
I first learned of Sarah through Tech TV. She was one of the hosts of the Screensavers. I have met her before at a taping of the screensavers I went to while in San Francisco. She's very tiny, as in short, and very very very thin, very beautiful long hair and she's geeky on top of that.

Number Two: Justine
Justine is probably the most beautiful of them all. She is a full-time life caster. Which just means, as her job, she blogs and puts everything she does online. I saw on her blog that she was riding the bus up to Petaluma to the Twit Cottage to see Leo the other day. It's the same bus I rode just two weeks ago to see Leo and the Twit Cottage. She's extremely geeky and extremely beautiful.

Number Three: Veronica Belmont
Veronica is the co-host of Tekzilla, which is a video podcast that comes out once a week. It's definitely a good podcast to watch if you're into technology. She seems very cool and very geeky as well. I'm surprised of how many girls that are beautiful that are also geeky.

I am linking to all three of their websites, so I would be very curious of what the LOW followers have to say about them. On top of being extremely beautiful, all three of them put out extremely good content. So check them out and leave some comments and let me know what you think.