Update goals for LOW

Well I've got a few updates on achieved goals since I last posted.

Number one, I got to meet Brooks & Dunn. I was in San Antonio last weekend and I got chosen for a meet and greet before their concert. Kix Brooks is a lot taller than he looks like, and so is Ronnie Dunn. They both made me look like a little person. They put on a great concert as usual. If you don't have their two greatest hits CDs, I don't know what you're thinking.

Number two, a weight update on my 21 pound weight challenge: I've lost 6 pounds already. So this seems to be humming right away.

Number three, the girl/relationship, well I actually went out on a date tonight. And let's just say I'm not getting any closer to the correct girl/relationship. She was younger than me, which is fine as long as she doesn't act so young. We went to dinner and then for ice cream, and yes, I had a good time but there won't be a second date.

I'm still wondering where the compass is gone to? I was sure the compass would have some comments on the new goals for low and I haven't heard a thing?