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This is going to be a rather long post so we're going to break it into several parts.
Part one

I went on a little vacation from the blog, but I'm back now. My very first comment or should I say question would be about the comment this Grandma W left on my blog. This Grandma W says in her comment "Well good luck on finding Miss Perfect, but I can tell you she's probably the one that got away." I would like this Grandma W person to explain what she means by that, the one that got away? As in an ex-girlfriend? As in someone that doesn't exist? What did you mean?

So next let's talk a little bit about The Compass thinking goals seem more like deadlines. Well, this is a quote that I heard a long time ago which I think is very accurate. "The difference between goals and dreams is a timeline." I know The Compass does not particularly like to set goals and likes to live one day at a time but I think goals are important. If you don't set them, one day you wake up and all those things you said you were going to do "someday" never got done. "Somedays" just never seem to come along.

So let's talk about some of The Compass's goals for a minute.

1. This working from home business, well let me say, that it's totally obtainable. It takes a little bit of thinking outside the box but for those of you who would also like to work more from home there is a great book that talks about how you can do just that. The name of the book is The Four Hour Workweek.

2. This children's book you're talking about, well, I know other people only know you as The Compass but I know you personally and I think you would do a wonderful children's book. If you would just set a goal to actually do it and start working on it.

3. Carpenter internship? What in the world are you talking about? What do you want to do, build on a new room or just do a little remodeling, or just a little woodworking. I do not see this goal being accomplished I must admit.

4. Rodeos. Well yes, I did see this one coming. Once again I think you should set the goal and go after it.

5. Las Vegas NFR Show. This is totally do-able. Compass, come on, get on this!

6. Travel to Europe? Yes, this is do-able too. I have been there and I loved it! But once again is it a dream or a goal? If you don't set a time line its just a dream. So when will you be going to Europe and who would you be taking? We take family? Or we go alone? Or will we take friends?

7. As I said previously, I know you personally, others know you as The Compass, your body shape is great I must say. That's all I'll say about that.

Time to revisit the goals for LOW

An entry in Wikipedia. The Compass asked a good question, what would I want this entry to say? To tell the truth, I haven't thought that far ahead. I thought it would be really cool to have an entry of myself on Wikipedia. But let's see, it would go something like this:

Johnny Alois Wilde (born on February 17,) sometimes known simply as Wilde, founder of Wildeco, Inc. and Chairman of the Board.

Early Life
Wilde was born in San Angelo, Texas to Judy Wilde and Myrl Wilde. He attended Wall Elementary School and Wall High School. He grew up as an only child always wanting a brother or a sister. His dad claims that he was always trying to sell something, even from his stroller as a baby.

Wilde was a student of personal........