The M-Word Part 2

But she said she had a little sister...
that might be interested in helping me for that week. So I thought to myself, if this sister is half as good as she is at sales I've got to have her. I asked her to bring her little sister by and we would talk.

The next day she brings her little sister by the booth. The little sister was, you guessed it, the M-Word. Her sister was not only little, but a whole lot younger than her. At that point, there was absolutely no attraction other than needing someone and not wanting to sit in the booth all week by myself.

I hired her. We worked together that week of the rodeo. At the end, she asked if she could call me next year to work and I said sure, thinking I would never hear from her again. Next year rolls around and sure enough a week before the rodeo I get a call from "The M-Word." She asked if I remembered her and I said yes, and she asked if she could help again at the rodeo booth as it was the same week as her spring break. Of course she could help, as I remembered how good she was, my business had grown and I definitely needed the help.

At the end of that week she asked if she could call next year to work again. The next year rolls around and sure enough she calls, but I have bad news for her this time. I had retired from the jerky business and was no longer having a booth at the rodeo. However, I was covered up with paperwork as I had started a new business and was trying to get it off the ground. I was officing out of my house. I do not type well, file, or do any of that office stuff well. I told her that if she wanted to work the week of her spring break she could help me get my office organized. She took me up on my offer.

By this time she had gotten older, more mature, and very very attractive, I must say. She not only worked that week, but she started working weekends. Slowly over time this developed into more than just an office relationship. She was young, but very mature or so I thought.

From there it became a full-blown romance. Due to the age difference, we weren't exactly upfront and honest to everyone about this romance we were having (especially her parents). This romance went on for quite some time, and it was a whirl wild. But it all came crashing down one day.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had taken her home from a date, and she called me soon after I dropped her off and said that her parents had found out about this romance we were having. Well, as you can imagine, this was not a good thing, and as you can also imagine I'm a very determined person. I don't take no's very easily.

I figured this storm would blow over, she would stand up to her parents and simply explain to them how she really felt. They would realize they couldn't stop us and the storm would soon pass. Boy, was I wrong. It became evident she was not as mature as I had originally thought.