The M-Word Part 3

As much as I thought she would, and as much as she said she would, she just could not stand up to her parents. That was pretty much the end of our relationship.

Yes, we snuck around for awhile. We were on and off for a while, but every time her parents would turn up a little heat she would bail. This is important to note for later. She was the first person though, that I would have absolutely done anything for. Too bad the feeling was not mutual.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. By the time she was supposedly ready to stand up to her parents, I had moved on to another relationship. And to tell you the truth, I really didn't think she was ready even then.

I never could figure out this incredible hold her parents have over her, even to this day. And keep in mind she's in her late 20s by now. I will give credit where credit is due. I always felt like I could call her anytime if I was having a hard time with any relationship or just life in general. She could always talk me through it, which she did on several occasions. So through the years we've had these short bursts of contact and going out with each other for maybe a week or two or three at a time. But in LOWs opinion, when you're in your late 20s and you still can't tell your parents or even your older sister whom you're seeing, there's only so long I can maintain that sort of relationship.

Inevitably one to three weeks is about as long as we've maintained reasonable speaking terms at a time. The last time was about seven months ago. I was in a mess. I was having to move offices, change office staff, and I was going to leave for Stadium season in two weeks. Who did I call? Who else but the M-Word. I must say she was absolutely terrific.

She helped me figure out what the heck was going on in my office, and she also hired the two assistants I still have today. They are the best assistants I've had in a really, really long time. One thing was different this time, we remained in contact for two or three weeks as we usually do, but this time she was very hurtful.

She is one of those people whom I very much value her opinion, and she pretty much, well let's just say it, hurt my feelings more than ever. I reacted out of anger because of my hurt feelings, and this was the slow meltdown of our two or three week contact together once again. At the end of this, I was not going to contact her again.

In the last seven months there has been several times I've really wanted to share something with her. In the last seven months, I have met Larry Hagman, Leo Laporte, been to 6-8 concerts and just done a lot of things that I would of liked to have shared with her. But as far as I was concerned, my contact with her was over. Why would I want to go back to get hurt more?

That is the short version of the very long story of how I know and met the M-Word. That brings us to present day.

She calls. I answer. She apologizes and I accept the apology. I apologize. She accepts my apology. We have a good visit over the phone and that is all for now. I did tell her, which I guess I will tell all of you, I do think one thing is very interesting. Neither one of us has had a long term, sustaining relationship since we were with one another. That's kind of strange. I mean it was 10+ years ago when we were together. And still to this day neither one of us has been married or had a long term relationship? What could that mean? I'll tell you exactly what it means. We will probably have the same type relationship the next 10 years that we've had the past 10 years.

We will talk for one to three weeks at a time, get mad at each other, stop talking for months at a time and then start talking again. It's like Dr. Phil says, "An excellent predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior." If she hasn't told her parents by now, she's never going to tell her parents. That's pretty self-evident. I guess I should give her a little more credit in this area. According to her, she has told her parents. But I don't think I will be invited to any Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners anytime soon. It's a shame, because we get along really really well. We also worked together very well.