The M-Word Part 4

All that being said, I have had absolutely zero expectations, but I am glad that she called. As I said before, I very much valued her opinion and she really hurt my feelings with some of the things she said last time.

Present day she is still very attractive with extremely good hair. Lets take a close look back at the January 17 post. How many of these qualities does she have? Lets see:
  • Great long, wavy hair = check, special check
  • Has time to travel with me anytime = check
  • Likes the TV show Dallas = check
  • She passes the "turn heads" test = check
  • Loves music = check
  • She gets along with everyone = check
  • She has the three S's: sexy, seductive, sophisticated = check
  • Loves pets = check
  • Open-minded = check
Who knows, it may be another seven months before I hear from her again, but I will hear from her again. Its just a matter of time. But I've learned one valuable lesson. Don't have any expectations, don't see her in person, and don't talk to her over the phone very often.
Why, you ask, because I get too damned attached. After all, I still think she's pretty cool. I guess we'll have to add her to the Wikipedia entry...