is having a family being boring

Let me make some adjustments or should I say, some clarifications about my posts entitled "Updates confusing?". I mentioned my friend Aimee W. in this post so I would like to clarify just a few things that I said.

I don't think that she chose the boring path of life at all. Actually, if anyone chose the boring path to life, unfortunately that will probably be me. That's what I meant by the re-runs. In some ways I'm envious of these people who post the photos of their families on facebook and such. I just did not choose that path in life because the responsibility absolutely terrifies me.

But if anybody has re-runs it's me. Yes, I have a great life and all, very little responsibility if any, one concert, trip, or exciting adventure after another. But ultimately at the end of the day, the only entity I have to share these adventures with is this blog. Lets not forget about the two dogs nevertheless. But they have a tendency not to talk back very much.

So what I meant, it just doesn't seem possible that enough time has gone by for any of my friends to have families to be posting pictures of. It literally feels like yesterday that we got out of high school. Or for those of you who remember, it seems like just yesterday when I drove my tractor to school. (For those of you who don't live around here anymore, they still have tracker day at WHS.)

If you'll go back and reread my posts, that ultimate question was, "What makes a person feel fulfilled, wanted, validated, needed?" Does this always have to come from being in a relationship with another person? For those of you that have not read the comments, you really should read at least the first comment from Anonymous. It's so good, I printed it out and put it on my wall.

Whoever this person was that left the comment, I hope is a psychologist or psychiatrist. I thought it was an excellent comment. So feel free to leave additional comments. You can always leave them anonymously or leave your name. It doesn't matter to me.

One more thing, just a big thank you to the editor for this blog. A lot of you don't realize, that I actually do the blog, and then it goes to an editor. She doesn't replace any of my words but corrects the spelling and corrects the grammar, so these blog posts will actually make sense. Big thank you to the editor. This blog would not be possible without her. The editor girl and I have actually become very close friends, it least on my side, during this process. She's one of the very few people that I've actually grown to trust. So thanks again to the anonymous editor.

One last thought on the comment that was left last on the blog. Mr./Ms. Anonymous says to get these two toxic girls out of my daily thought. While that is some excellent advice, now could you please leave a comment on some action steps to actually accomplish this? Especially with the one toxic girl. You must understand for a period of three years I lived, breathed, slept, worked and did everything with her. It is a little hard just to get her out of my daily thoughts. I welcome any action steps you might suggest. Thanks to all of you for reading the blog. LOW