A little while

Well, it's been a little while since I've written anything on the blog. But I've been doing a considerable amount of traveling.
Here is my friend Kevin and I at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo where Brooks & Dunn performed live. The next weekend, I was back in San Antonio to see Elton John and Billy Joel. Now that was one heck of a concert. They played for 3 1/2 hours straight. If you ever get a chance to see them you definitely should.

The next week I was off to Dallas to the Success Symposium. We got to see speakers such as Steadman Graham, John Maxwell, and Connie Podesta. Kevin and I even got to have breakfast with Steadman Graham. Here's a great photo from that.

Moving on to some other things, it sure has been awfully quiet from the M-Word. I guess one phone call and all is forgiven. I guess we're better off this way.

Okay, next concert is Fleetwood Mac. I will be filling you in on them and a few more details later. --LOW