Updates? Well let's see, I don't have very many updates.

I just found out that I'm going to have to make a quick trip to Norman, Oklahoma on either Sunday or Monday and come right back.

I guess one update is I bought myself a ticket to go see Def Leppard in concert. It's not for a few months but I bought my ticket early. For some reason I've been on this Def Leppard kick.

I've also found out that Mutt Lang  produced a whole bunch of their albums. If you don't know who Mutt Lang is its Shania Twain's husband which produced all of her albums, and he also produced AC/DC, Brian Adams, and The Corrs. In my opinion he is an excellent producer and I'm a huge Shania Twain fan, and a huge fan of the Corrs.

As for more updates, The Compass and I have got a weight loss challenge going on. It started April 1 and it's going to run 90 days. Whichever one of us loses the most percent of body fat is going to get $100. I hate to tell The Compass but The Compass might as well go ahead and get the money ready, because I want to win this one.

Do any of you out there shop on Amazon.com? If you do, go to amazon.wildeco.com and start from that website. It will help me out. You can also go to amazon.johnnywilde.com and start from there. So please bookmark the sites. Whenever you buy from Amazon just start from there and it will give me credit and I will greatly appreciate it.

I do have a concert coming up at the end of this month, Fleetwood Mac in Dallas. I'm very much looking forward to this.

That's all the updates for now, more of Low later. One more thing, where is The Compass? Usually there are some provoking statements or questions that get me going.