Idea? Church? Donator? THE PLAN

Okay. So I'm starting a whole new subject and a whole new idea on LOW. How many of you contribute to let's say your church, or to some other organization regularly? I must confess, I'm not a big donator. The reason I'm not a big donator is because I'm never quite sure that it's going to a good cause or a cause I really believe in myself. I think I finally have found something worth donating to, and I think I've also found a way for the LOW followers to help out if you wish.

I'm going to do this in sections or different blog posts so it doesn't get too long. Keep your ear to the ground for further updates. I think this will be exciting and maybe it'll get my mind off of things I should not be thinking about. Surely the LOW followers will help me do this. Thanks in advance. LOW

Extra side note, if you want to get a jumpstart take a look at