long summer

So we've got this long summer ahead of us. Or should I rephrase this, I have a long summer ahead of me. Where are these provoking questions that The Compass was supposed to ask? Or anyone else for that matter. Are we looking forward to summer or no?

Personally I am not. I'm actually ready for August to get here so football season will start and I can get back on the stadium wagon. But then again that leads me to a gigantic re-Run that I feel like I'm in? How do you get out of this gigantic re-run?

I must say this new quest for a new personal assistant has got me a little bummed out, I guess. But I could look at it in a more positive way and think about how much fun it will be to interview 10-20 young girls that want to do nothing more than to be my assistant.

Hope you didn't take that the wrong way is I mean it as innocently as possible. Believe me, it's really not a fun process. The interviewing isn't so bad, it's the training of someone what I need them to do that's not the fun part. But I'm going to look at it as fun and as an adventure and not just another gigantic rerun that I did just 10 months ago. No, it's not a rerun. I didn't do it just 10 months ago and nine months before that.!.