Back to the plan. What do you think so far? No, I'm not starting to ask for money or donations on my blog. Don't worry. But here is where my brilliant idea comes in.

I have got an Amazon affiliate account. Which just means that whenever someone goes to Amazon through my link, then I get paid a referral fee. So what I want to do is take those referral fees and send them to Kiva.

That's how the LOW followers could help me do this. If you ever order anything off of just simply start from my link to Amazon , which by the way, it looks exactly like a regular Amazon homepage. You would never know the difference other than it's got a special code in it that links it to me.

Really all you need to do is click here. This will take you to the Amazon homepage and then add the page to your favorites or your bookmarks. Whenever you order anything off of Amazon just make sure you start from this website (the website that you have put in your favorites or your bookmarks).

There are also several links to Amazon stuff on the LOW homepage.
As long as you click on any one of those and start from there, I also get the credit. But let me make this clear, what I want to do with the credit that I'm receiving from Amazon is then turn around and sponsor a business through I will post which one we, the LOW followers, are sponsoring and watch the updates.

Here are the direct websites again that you need to bookmark or just use the links above.

Get ordering from Amazon and remember to just start from my Amazon website I'm going to keep you updated on how many credits as we get into it and when we start donating.

You'd be surprised how much stuff you can get through Amazon. Thanks