Back to the plan. As I was saying in the previous post, there just seems to be a lot of focus on the problem and not the solution. Maybe in some small way it at least feels like I have come up with a solution. I would appreciate your help and or comments on this idea.

There is a organization called . They've been on Oprah and Dr. Phil. They've gotten lots of press. Feel free to head over to their website and get the full scoop on how it works, but here's my version. In my opinion, Kiva attacks the solution and doesn't just focus on the problem.

Here's how it works. Entrepreneurs from all around the world (who are trying to actually make it for themselves and not just asking for a handout) apply for a business loan through Kiva. They must submit a business plan and all sorts of stuff supporting why they should receive a loan to start a small business. Then Kiva filters through those applications and posts them on the website. Next, something called micro-finance happens which is really cool.

A person can donate as little as $25 towards one small business loan and collectively as people donate, the loan is filled. The diagram at the top left kind of describes how it works. These entrepreneurs must pay back the loan and you can either a) re-loan the money again, b) you can donate it to Kiva for their operating expenses "because they don't keep any of your money. All of that goes towards the entrepreneur," or c) you can have your money back. You get to pick which entrepreneur you want to help and then you also get access to their journal. They keep you updated on how the business is going, when it's going to open, how much money it's making, and where they are on paying back the loan.

I've come up with a way that the LOW followers can help me do this and it not cost you actually anything. We'll talk about this in the next post. Let me know what you think so far.