Response to comment

So in response to the comment that Lisa left on the blog and says you need to stop relating this to the harder questions in life, well, then I ask you what are the harder questions in life? She also says stop getting so attached to your office staff, people move on and it's okay. When you're someone like me that has no family, and just has an adopted family that does not live in the same town, my office staff becomes my family. They become the people I look forward to seeing every day and interacting with everyday. So indeed I meant that as a problem, that in essence my office staff becomes part of my family, and then when they leave, yes, it upsets me a little bit. But that goes back to the original question of why are we here? Who are we here for? What are we doing here?

I enjoyed very much interacting with my former assistant, she became part of my extended family, she became someone that when something exciting happened I would call her to tell her about it. But I guess that's just what happens when you don't have any other family to speak of to share in your excitement of the everyday little things that happen.