Let me tell you a few ways that I use Amazon for that you might not even know about. Amazon and I have become best friends over the last year or so.

The first cool thing: Amazon prime  The cool thing about Amazon prime is you can try it for three months and it doesn't cost you anything, and then after that it is 79 bucks a year. But here's what you get for your 79 bucks a year: free two-day shipping on all of your Amazon orders, if you want to upgrade an order to next day you can upgrade for just 3.99, and there's no minimum order size. I have paid for my 79 bucks a year already and let me tell you how. Just the other day I needed some AA batteries, and I was going to send one of the girls out to get them but I thought why waste and pay for their time and gas. I'll look them up on Amazon. They were cheaper than they would have been in the store and there's no shipping, and no tax, by the way. So I use it for all kinds of little things like that. You'd be surprised how much time it will save you running around picking up little things.

The second cool thing: subscribe and save  Here's the deal, you may not realize that Amazon has groceries. If you're anything like me, you hate going to the grocery store. Here is the really, really cool, cool thing, you just go into Amazon and to the subscribe and save section and then you pick out your normal grocery items and then you can set them up on a schedule to be delivered to you. Have them delivered every three months or six months and then they just come automatically. I don't have to go to the store, find the item, put it in my basket, take it to the check out, from the check out to my car, and from the car inside my house and put it up. With Amazon it just arrives on my front porch, I take it in and put it up. And with Amazon prime shipping is free.

This is a short list of my subscribe and save items.
(with subscribe and save you can have things set up to ship to two different addresses and billed to different accounts) By the way, when you subscribe and save you save an additional 15% off their cost which is already cheaper than you can get at the store.

So I'm telling you, me and Amazon have become very, very good friends.

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Just think about it next time you are making a list or you think you've got to go to the store. Punch it up on Amazon and more than likely they'll have it. It'll be to you in one or two days.

Here is the link to use

Last, I get real excited about this. The other things that I also order are my cleaning supplies: paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo, dishwashing soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets, deodorant, Rice, and I could go on. There are just tons of things that you don't realize how handy it is to just set it up on automatic delivery once a month or once every other month. It just arrives and you don't have to go to the doggone store. Use and enjoy.