A few updates... I have a new personal assistant at the Wildeco corporate office. She's been here about two weeks and so far so good. She's very attentive, smart, willing to learn and try new things. So far I would call this a success.

Here it is June 11-12 or close by the time you're reading this, which means Stadium season is right around the corner. Which means I'm going to be very, very busy. Which means, well, it means I will be very, very happy. I work better under pressure. When there's not a lot of pressure or not a whole lot of things going on, I don't do as well. But when the pressure's on, is when I'm happiest and seems like I achieve the most.

In one of the earlier posts, I believe it was by Lisa who said something about the harder questions in life. Well I don't believe she or anyone else has posted what they believe are the harder questions in life. So what are these harder questions and where to find them because I would love to answer them.

Should have some news coming any day about a new stadium account that I could be acquiring, but thats all I can say about it right now. Believe me, when I know, I will let you know. It would be a really cool account to get.

Okay, that's all the updates for now...goodbye.