Anonymous sure has alot to say?

Anonymous sure has alot to say? Wonder who it could be??
I still say
I always love it when one of my ex's gets back together with there ex and then they say "I know this is where god wants me to be"----CRAP

1. Get some professional help.
Been there and still there.

2. Quit thinking you're the center of the universe. News
Flash -- You're not
You are 100% right. firgured that out time ago.

3. Get out of yourself and your own thoughts. Turn off the computer. Go volunteer.
Done that and do that, and keep doing that.

4. Quit blaming everyone else and take responsibility for your actions and choices.
100% right. I take FULL responsibility FOR where I am.

5. Grow up and realize that everyone has problems -- they just don't talk and whine and blog about them all the time. Happy people, who mind you have their own problems, ask their friends about their friends' problems and try to help however they can.
100% Right

6. Get some spirituality in your life. Visit different churches and see what feels right to you.
Been to 12 or so churches

Sure sounds like your lfe is going great. Can't tell you how happy I am for you.