Best day ever but very sad !!

I had a great talk with The M-Word today. It was so good that we had this talk now and not later. This deal between us was on track to end up being bad, hurtful and just no good. I will give her full credit that I feel she was very honest this time. The key thing she said was, "I want my cake and I want to eat it too." In my world you can have your cake and eat it too as long as you are willing to take a chance. All good things come with taking chances. I would have never known the M-Word if it was not for taking a chance.

Lets deal with what is real:

1. She said we can never, ever date. Ever, ever.

2. She is not willing to take a chance on us. EVER!! But she is willing to date someone she does not even know yet.

3. So Johnny take the hint. She does not like you!!! Or much less love you!!! Enough to give it a chance.

4. I hate what she said but thank god she was honest.

5. Thank you, The-Word for being honest. It hurts but thanks.

6. I want you to know I do love you and what we had was great and no one can take the memories from me.

And to end this I fly out tommrow at 2:35 and if you find it in your heart to leap on and take a chance. Be at sjt at 1:35.

If something is not worth getting all worked up over, prehaps it's not worth doing at all.

The real end, I will not renew the stuff (you know what I am talking about) unless I hear from you. It's up dec 10th or so.

Please change the ad you put in to So, so sorry. Please come up with a better way.

Vert last thing. It's very good you finally got a passport.