The List (in Blue Updated)

6. My Grandmothers
My mother's mother(Nana) - Content - I was very close to her. In many ways she was more like my mother. I felt a sense of obligation to live. I know that sounds strange but I know she counted on me. 

(Updated 12-2-09)
As I look back on Nana's life here on earth,  I still think of one word, content. No matter whether she was living in a big house, small house, retirement center the word I come up with is always content. She did fine having lots of people around her and being in the crowd, and she did fine or was just as content being alone and not seeing anyone for days. She never seemed depressed or  uneasy at any time. Had I realized that at the time, that she had this massive internal contentment, I  would ask her how she came to be that way.

Ultimately this is one area I feel like there is no way she and I could be related. The same amount of internal contentment she had,  I  have equally the opposite amount of internal contentment.
And no I'm not saying anything bad about church. She was very spiritual and prayed, as do I. But that being said, I cannot remember her ever going to church. Not even on holidays which is when many people go only. Yet you could tell she had a very close relationship to God. More to come.......