The List (in Blue Updated)

5. Bob Mayer - Integrity - I met Bob when I was 16 or 17. Bob always did the right thing. For him it was like the right way was the only way he could even see. When I was little I always thought I could do, go, be anything. Bob was the first person that thought that way as well and it was ok to think that way. I learned a lot of my never give up from him. We had a business together and when someone would tell us no, he would just say ok how can we get that done? He never let a "NO" stop him.

(Updated 12-2-09)
My goodness I think my life would be different right now if Bob Mayer were still in it.  He was very good and always saw things from the spiritual side.  He never let the human element, so to speak, get so involved. It was always like he could see things from miles above in a hot air balloon.  How doing good was always doing right and by doing right was always doing good. More to come.......