The List (in Blue Updated)

4. Jim Rohn - Philosophy - Started listening to him when I was about 17. I have met him 2 times.

Updated 12-2-09)
Jim has always said "Why do liars lie? You know I don't spend much time on that.  Liars lie because they're liars, that's what they do is lie. What else would you expect a liar to do other than lie." Sounds very much like common sense. But yet so true, and I forget to think of the simple things like that sometimes. Another thing Jim taught me which I still remember to this day is  what the word tip means. Like leaving a tip  at the restaurant.  Jim says the word tip stands for to ensure promptness. If you wanted to ensure promptness when would you leave the tip? You would leave the tip at the beginning of the meal. An example he gave was Jim and his lady friend went out to dinner and as the waiter seated them he pulled the waiter aside and said, "Listen, I would like to give you this $20 bill so I can ensure you will take excellent care of my lady friend and I." I have done this several times and it works every time and I think it is an awesome idea. 

Another thing that stands out in my mind is that Jim has always said "fundamentals are old." There are no new fundamentals. He would always say, "Beware of someone trying to teach you new fundamentals." It would be like someone saying they're opening up a manufacturing plant, and you ask them what are you manufacturing and they said antiques.
More to come.......