Blind Date Number Two

Wow, relationships take a lot of work! I have been single for so long, I had forgotten how much time, energy, and effort it takes to be in a relationship. You know that book "Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus"? Well that is very true, it is likely far more then just entirely different planets.

So today I went out with blind date number two. A friend of mine knew her from work and thought we would be a good match. I must say she was very beautiful.  She has one daughter, and has been married one time. She's fun, up beat, and unique. I'm not sure yet how to expand on the unique. But something about her is definitely unique.  She's got that hair and she's about my height and she seems smart. I am flying out to Fayetteville, Arkansas tomorrow, but  I fly back in on Friday. She insisted on picking me up from the airport. 

I am not sure what her nickname will be yet. I know some of you do not like these nicknames, but I am forced to use them to protect the guilty, excuse me protect the innocent on this website.

Those of you that know me or who read this blog have heard me say this 1000 times and boy is it true now. The biggest reason I never wanted to get married is because I don't feel like the other person would commit as strongly as I would commit. Again, the definition of commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the feeling you said it in has left. So this is a perfect example of this. My belief is  unless and until two people can agree on the definition of commitment, you're truly not in a committed relationship. You may perceive you're in a committed relationship, but remember there is no reality only perception.

Anybody out there have any ideas on the word expectations? Because that word, expectations, seems to be the common theme that is wrong with relationships, I believe. Either yours or her expectations are not met. And when that happens one gets their feelings hurt, which then results in  anger or fear and/or meanness. All over expectations? Where do we get  these expectations? Seriously anybody any ideas out there?