Business Idea?

Business Idea?

Something interesting happened to me today, and it triggered a business idea. I was talking to a friend of mine, and he said he had to go and would call me back, so I said goodbye. One thing I do, that a lot of people don't know is I usually don't hang up. I keep listening to see if they hang up, and if they don't sometimes I can get some scoop.

Well that is exactly what happened in this instance. He thought he had ended the conversation and put his cell phone in his pocket and proceeded into a vehicle maintenance shop. What he didn't know was I was still listening and wrong or right it was very interesting. Yes, listening to someone talk to a maintenance man about replacing his brake pads and tire rods was very, very entertaining to the point that I could not hang up. When he left the vehicle maintenance shop he even talked to himself, and sang a little song to himself,"vehicle maintenance 8 AM on Monday." He gets his phone out to call me back only to find out that I am still on the line. We both had a great laugh over this.
This is where the business idea hit me.

Let me say this first, there are people all the time that say, "Why would you want to put your life on the Internet? Why would you want to broadcast yourself? Who wants to read about your life or listen to your life?"

Well those are all very valid points. So let me state some facts from a business perspective. Remember this is coming from a business perspective. Reality shows are the hottest thing on TV right now. Any of you that know me know about Leo Laporte which has So what is the point you ask? The point is we all want in on other people's lives. Its the voyeur in all of us. And I don't want an 8 to 5 job with an hour for lunch and have to do that five days a week. And then let someone tell me when I can go on vacation or have time off. So with that being said this is my "strictly from a business perspective" idea.

What if there was a live stream on the Internet, lets just say Life of Wilde for example. Now let me add one other thing right here, whenever I'm at the office, or for that much, sometimes just driving down the road, I will tune in to hear what Leo is saying. He streams everything that goes on inside his office whether he's doing a show or not. So sometimes literally he's just talking to his staff about the weather. Why do I find that interesting and tune in? I'm not sure but I know I'm not the only one. There are thousands of people that do too.

So now back to my point what if I simply carried my iPhone around all day in my front pocket that fed all of the audio to a website that a person could go to and listen in. Let me give you an example, what do Amber and I talk about when I'm at the gym working out, then next to the counselor what is said in that room for that hour that week, next to the office where my wonderful staff resides how do I treat them and what tone of voice do I use? What tone of voice did they use back? What do I say when I go and visit the stadiums and acquire the stadium accounts? Ever wonder what I say to the girls when no one is in the house with me?

(Just so you know the girls are my two dogs Mattie and Pacey. Yes, believe it or not I have conversations with them from time to time, and admittedly the conversations are pretty much one-sided but I still have them nevertheless.)

Anyway, I would love to hear any comments that you might have on this little idea that I've come up with. And while I'm waiting on your wonderful positive comments, I will be checking with my legal team tomorrow to see if doing such a thing is legal or if I would have to get permission from each person that is in the stream.

Last thing
I'll say, tomorrow I'm doing something that I ordinarily do not. I'm going on a date. Yes, you read this correctly I am going on a date. If you knew what time the date was would any of you be intrigued enough to listen in and see how first dates go?

Ari said...
Forget the internet. I think you are ready for a full blown tv show Wilde. We call it, "Wilde Gone Wild"
Anonymous said...
So, how did the date go?...Call her friend and find out! :-)
Thursday, March 11, 2010 11:34:00 AM CST