Date - Concert


I will tell more later but for now here it is. I was set up with Little Blonde (yes she has a nickname already) by I friend. Let me stop here and say, she is little and she is Blonde. Which is a compliment! We went to lunch with two of her friends on Wednesday. We made a deal though to go out on a "real date" on Friday. Just the two of us. To be honest, I did not have very high hopes for this. She just did not seem my type. But everyone has been telling me to be more open minded.

She has a VERY different life than me but I think I can learn somthing from her. In closing, I will say, she has some things in her life that would prevent me or "US" from being number one.
That is very new to me. I always wanted someone that I could make number one and me be number one with them. BUT I am staying open at this point. Because what I have been doing has not been working!
I like being around her. More later........


Last week I went to Austin for the day to see Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Gloriana. It was great!!!

Side note: It was in the middle of the week and Little Blonde could not go. This is where I hope I can learn that whom ever I date may not be able to go everywhere I do.

Ok back to the Concert. Great!!! I love Kellie Pickler!!! I was back stage with Taylor Swift. She is very tall. And she is a lot cuter than I thought. She plays for 2 straight hours. Check this Out!

Now Kellie

What else is there to say??

Last Gloriana

They were ok. The Blonde is "Cheyenne" from the MTV show. They probably will not be around that long.