I'm getting Married! -- Little Blonde -- Brooks and Dunn

I'm getting Married! That's right I am getting married. Suzy is a cute red head.  I met her in Target the other day. We love each other so much.

If you are still reading this, please know I am not getting married. Everything on this site can't be taken as fact. I am not CNN. I write about what I want to write about, after all it is LOW. I am Wilde and it's my life to write about. I love and appreciate all of you who read LOW. For real, I really appreciate everyone who subscribes, BUT you can't take it like it's all real. Your not always going to agree with what I write, but there is a easy way around that. Just like when you don't like or agree with something on CNN you can click on something else. Plus I love the comments.

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Let's talk about Little Blonde. Even though she has kids (3) and I am not sure that's what I want - I will stand by these facts:  she is beautiful, sweet, smart, sexy, hot and willing to learn which is one of her most appealing qualities. At this stage in the game I can see that she is scarily different from me. Individually she's different, her family life is different, her social life is different, everything is different.  She is not someone I would've probably picked out. And I am not someone she would've picked me out.  But for some  reason that is what is very appealing to me about her. More later. Enjoy the weekend

LAST Thing

The last tour for Brooks and Dunn is going on now. Go see them!!