Singer Marie Osmond and her family are mourning the death of their 18-year-old son, who in the face of depression committed a tragic suicide last Friday. Reports say Osmond's son Michael Blosil leaped from the 8th floor of his apartment building to death.

The 18-year-old son reportedly left a suicide note behind for a "female friend" to find, says Reports are coming together saying the friend of Osmond's son received a text from him about 30 minutes before plunging from the apartment building saying he had left a note for her.

The note, left for his "only friend in the city", listed the last things he had planned on doing in his life.

Here is my take.
1. I love Marie Osmond. The first CD I ever bought was one from Marie Osmond.

2.  Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of the time when you hear about guys committing suicide it's over a girl? But just as interesting when you hear about a girl committing suicide it's not necessarily over a boy? That's my perception anyway. I guess  girls deal with their feelings and emotions better than guys. 

3. Let's take that one step further.  It also seems that when you hear of guys being addicts or alcoholics, they will say the pain they're trying to mask was over a girl. Due to my past, I have been to many AA meetings. And they are 90% guys, and I hear what they say. So once again it seems like guys in general don't deal with emotional stress as well as girls seem to handle it.

4.  I can remember thinking when I broke up with some of my exes it was like they just moved on, just like that, just like nothing had ever happened. Wow, I wish I could do that.

5.  Last thing I will say in this quick little note is, I'm sorry I haven't been writing as much on this blog as I have in the past. And I'm more sorry for me than I am for you. This blog has been wonderful for me to express my thoughts and feelings and emotions. And I have decided that I am going to continue to express my thoughts and emotions here in this forum called Life of Wilde. And it's completely optional for you to come to this website and read what I have to say. It's also completely optional to subscribe to get the latest updates.

6.  I said last thing before but this really is the last thing. Another reason you haven't heard from me very much on this blog, is I have not been well. I may choose to expand on this later but I'm not comfortable discussing it as of right now.  Let's put it this way, you don't want what I have, and I don't want what I have. So I guess the only thing I will ask for is your thoughts and prayers and for you to keep shopping at