Better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all

For some reason this quote popped in my head today that Little One used to always tell me. She used to always say, " Better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all." Well I think that quote is full of crap. I will back up my reasons and then I'm curious if any of you have any comments on this.

1. It's like having a Jaguar or Lamborghini and someone takes it away from you. While I wouldn't say, "Its better to have had a Jaguar or Lamborghini than never to have had one at all." If I can't keep the Jaguar or the Lamborghini than I had rather not have one at all.

2. Could you say the same about cocaine, "better to have tried cocaine than never to have tried it at all?"

3. Well there is no number three. I just think this quote "Better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all" is crap. If you had never loved at all, you wouldn't have any idea what you were missing. It's kind of like driving the Lamborghini, if you've never driven a Lamborghini then you wouldn't know what you are missing. How could you get sad or depressed or upset or miss the Lamborghini if you never had it to begin with?

I'm thinking of my friend Little Buddy. He is 24 or 25 and he has never loved at all. Maybe I should say he's never been in love before. He seems to go about his life just fine, because he has no idea what he's missing. So truly it makes me think of it like a cocaine or drug addict. You just can't tell me that drug addicts would say, "Better to have tried the drug than to never have tried it at all." From then on, they spend their whole life trying to find the feeling they had when they were using the drug.

Now the question is, could love be a drug? And then when you don't have it, you are constantly searching for it? Just in case I haven't made myself clear, and Little One happens to read this post, I think that quote and her thought is total crap unless someone else can convince me otherwise.

Oh yes one last thing, let's get some comments going on this blog. I welcome any comments, questions or thoughts. You can leave a comment anonymously, if you choose, but I'm curious of what some of you have to think about these ideas/posts that I have. And don't just e-mail them to me directly, leave a comment on the blog. There something to be said for a good healthy debate.