Little Blonde

You know I was thinking about a few things, and they may not be all that popular. But nevertheless there are a few thoughts that I have.
One of the reasons I have always told people that I do not want to get married was because I was not sure that I could ever find someone that would comment on the same level I would comment on. Once again, those of you that know me know, the definition of commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the feeling you said it in has left you.  So this recent experience with Little Blonde brought up a very interesting issue. 
She told me that she loved me. She told me she loved me quite often not just once but she told me this regularly.  Well it's been about nine days since I've seen her. And it's been about seven days or so since I've talked her. So is it just me, am I just from a different generation? But if seven days ago you were telling someone that you loved them, and now there is no communication at all that seems a bit odd? By the way by no means do I intend on indicating that little blonde has done anything wrong. My point is are more general in if someone tells you they love you, and in seven days later they're gone that's not good.

So I guess the real question is what is the definition of Love?
Okay I will finish with this. Everyone that knows me knows that I have abandonment issues. That's no secret. And the one thing that Little Blonde did say repeatedly was Johnny don't worry,  I am not going to leave you.

Okay I am to go ahead and this on the blog, without sending it to the editor, so it will get out a little faster. So if it is not exactly grammatically correct or there are some spelling mistakes I'm sorry.