Brooks & Dunn Memory Two (Faith)

Memory Two:

I am out of high school now and Brooks & Dunn are going to do another concert in Abilene that would end up being their last concert in Abilene. They were reaching superstardom at this time. (Just for the record they have done a concert in San Angelo also, but back to the Abilene concert) A good friend and I decided we would go over to the Abilene arena the Sunday before the Monday the tickets went on sale. I have never camped out or slept out for tickets, and that was something on my list of things to do. So off we went to Abilene about five or six in the evening on Sunday, thinking that when we arrived we would be the only people there. We were wrong.

There were probably 30 or so people already ahead of us. A couple of the people said they had been there for three days. And I mean to tell you, these people were prepared. They had tents, electric generators, little mini refrigerators, one of those gas camping stoves, and more importantly rain gear. Here we were with our pillow and a blanket and thought we were good. And we were good until about two o'clock in the morning when it began to slowly  rain. But it only rained slowly for about two minutes and then it poured off and on the rest of the night. Are you asking yourselves, did you take shelter from the rain? No, by golly, I was not going to lose my spot just because of a little rain. As the night went on more and more people came to get in line. By 4 AM there were over 250 people there. Actually we had a great time, some people let us get under their umbrella, shared food with us, and overall it was a great experience we will always remember.

So, now I have my tickets for the big Brooks & Dunn concert in Abilene but who am I going to take with me? I just happened to be dating one I thought and still think was one of the prettiest girls on earth. She looked a lot like Faith Hill, so from here on out I'll refer to her as Faith.

I got wind that after the Friday night Brooks & Dunn show in Abilene, they were going to do a Saturday night show in Dallas. I got two tickets for that show as well. Faith and I went to the show in Abilene, and it was spectacular. When it was over, Faith looked at me and said, "Thank you. I'll probably never see anything like this ever again." And that's when I got to say, "Oh yes you will." and I pulled the other two tickets out of my pocket for the show the next day. She was absolutely ecstatic. Off we went to Dallas.

The opening acts for that tour were The Tractors and David Ball. We are in Dallas and it starts raining and a thunderstorm rolls in. Just as the last opening act says goodnight the electricity went off.

We were at the  Star Plex in Dallas, and it rained and rained and just kept on raining. Kix Brooks finally comes on stage with people holding flashlights on him, and he's motioning us to quiet down. Now that was cool because there were probably 20,000 people there and it got very quiet. He had a megaphone and yells out to the crowd, "We can't get the power back on. There's nothing we can do. We're sorry but we will be back." This was in 1995 so I don't know if any of you remember the big flood in Dallas in 1995 where several people were killed, but little did we know at the time that we were in something big that would go down in history.

We made our way out to my truck, and luckily we had been running a little late when we parked, so I had parked up on a hill. Faith will remember this, there were actually cars floating by  us and we had to wade through water to our waist to get to my truck. Also, little did I know, that this would not be the only natural disaster that Faith and I would go through together. I'll tell that story on another day, but she will remember going through the tornadoes with me.

Anyways, Brooks and Dunn did come back to Dallas and honor that tour date. Which is very rare. If you have ever gone to a concert that's outdoors, it's printed right on the ticket rain or shine. So they had no legal responsibility to come back and perform, nor did they have any legal responsibility to refund the tickets. But they did come back, brought the opening acts and did a full show which was terrific. Still to this day, every time they perform in Dallas they ask the crowd if anyone was there for the big flood and to tell the truth, I was happy because I got to go out of town with Faith Hill again!(Figuratively speaking, of course) Now Faith actually lives in Dallas. These two concerts were the beginning of basically a 15 year fascination with Brooks & Dunn.

One more quick thing about Faith, I think she might be the only ex-girlfriend that I like. What I mean by that is I have no desire to date her again, and she has no desire to date me again. Therefore we actually can be "just friends".  Don't get me wrong, we don't talk everyday and send each other presents on Christmas or birthdays. But she knows if she ever needed anything I would be there for her and I know if I ever needed anything she would be there for me because  she already has been.  We both have agreed that we were made for each other, and what's cool abount that is she's not secretly thinking something else, and I'm not secretly thinking something else. I feel totally calm when I'm around her or speak with her on the phone. So Faith if you read this, thanks for going to those two concerts with me, I had a great time with you and thanks for being a great friend. (Take The Poll On The Home Page Top Right)