Memory Five (Brooks & Dunn, Joyce, The M-Word)

Memory Five:

Brooks & Dunn have always performed at the Houston rodeo. And this is where they would try out their new songs, and try to figure out which song off the new album they had for that year would be the first and second singles and so on. They would openly tell the crowd this. While the Houston rodeo is usually about the same time of year as my birthday, I would usually go down and see them plus I wanted to know what the new songs were going to be.  At this particular time in my life, Joyce had a beach house in Freeport, Texas which isn't all that far from Houston. Bear with me, I'm trying to set the  scene here. The M-Word had been working for me a few months at this point.  There was an attraction building

between us, but for undisclosed reasons, I was sure that this was something that either would fade, wear off, just be lust, or just go way. I'm not sure that attraction is even the right word. I felt something for her that I had not felt before but I wasn't even sure what it was.

So, I get tickets to the Houston rodeo and go down and pick up  Joyce. This would be our first Brooks & Dunn concert together. Just so ya'll know, when Bob Meyer passed away, his family inherited me and I inherited them. Joyce was Bob Meyer's wife. Before long she became just like my mother. Anyway, I didn't have that good of tickets for this show, so as we go through the door and enter the arena, one of the ushers wants to see our tickets. I spot a handicapped section that has a great view and it's right there. I'm not saying that Joyce is  handicapped but she is older. So I say to the usher, "Oh, we are sitting right there," and point to the handicapped seats. She lets us right on through. We would have been up in the balconies but instead we had the best seats in the house. She still talks about that ever once in awhile, she thought it was so funny that I did that. But it worked!

They start the show, do a few hits and then they say we want to try out a few of the new songs off the new album let us know what you really think. Well one of the songs was Only In America.Now this is before the whole 9/11 thing, and I knew that would be a hit.

Here is where everything changed, the next new song. I am standing in Houston, TX about to hear this song I've never heard and had no idea how long THAT song would follow me throughout my life. So they played THE song, and as they were singing it, every word that they  sang is exactly how I felt about  the M-Word. I mean there are songs that make you think about people, or maybe partially describe how you think of someone, but every word of THAT song was how I felt about her. I just didn't know that was the feeling. And I knew that it would be not only a hit but a number one. Just for the record, it was the only other song they had other than Boot Scootin Boogie that stayed at number one for as long as it did.

I stayed in Freeport with Joyce for a few more days and then I went home. Only to find the M-Word still working for me and still having these undisclosed reasons that I cannot pursue her. I bet you know THE song don't you? Leave a comment and maybe she will tell you in the comments. More to come soon. (Take The Poll On The Home Page Top Right)