Memory Four (Brooks & Dunn, Olympics)

Memory Four:

I was in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996, for the  Atlanta Summer Olympics. That's a whole other story in itself for another day, but I was working there at the Olympics for about three weeks. If you remember the bomb going off in the park, I was  there when that happened. So anyway, I got wind that Brooks and Dunn

would be performing at the Olympics. I immediately got some tickets and went to the show. I found my old buddy Tim  and said hello.  It was a ton of fun with all the energy of the Olympics and them performing. 

I remember though that they had set up in such a way that none of the public could get anywhere close to them. That's not usually how it is. Usually, you can get right up to the stage and they'll come by and slap your hand, but because of all the security and the bombing they had them very much removed. You could tell even they were a little unfamiliar with performing in that sort of environment. (Take The Poll On The Home Page Top Right)