Memory Six (Brooks & Dunn, The M- Word, Littleone)

Memory Six:

I have seen B&D numerous times since that time with the M-Word.  For reasons that I still don't know, the M-Word and I broke up. She would say, and I would agree with her, that it was timing. If we had met each other five years later we would still be together to this day. In fact, I know this is what she would say, because it is what she did say the last time I saw her in person.

So this friend of mine that I just went to the Brooks & Dunn concert with in Spokane used to live in San Angelo. Years ago, when this friend still lived here, we went to eat at Red Lobster one night and we had a very cute little waitress, in fact everyone would know her as Littleone. Yes, this is how I met the famous Littleone. Once again, that whole story is for another day, but from the very first  date we worked together practically every day and every night for three years. We went to many concerts. We saw Shania Twain five times in three different states. But the one

concert I wanted to take her to was Brooks & Dunn. For some reason they had skipped Texas for a couple years but at the time had posted they were coming back and I think it was in July or August,  pretty sure. So of course, I got two tickets, little did I know, July 4 of that year my whole world would change again. July 4 is when I found out about the problems Littleone was having. So needless to say, I had an extra ticket for Brooks & Dunn. Oddly enough during this break up with Littleone, I sought comfort with  the M-Word. When it came time for that concert I thought it only natural for us to go together, which we did.  That was interesting. I think I'll just leave it at that was interesting. (Take The Poll On The Home Page Top Right)